Job Interview Tips 2: Preparing For Take Off

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Preparing For Take Off

Ok, the big interview is approaching - the perfect time to do some final preparations and make sure there's no way they can give this job to anyone else.

  • Be Ready To Go - Re-read everything - from your CV and the travel job description, to the information that you've researched about the company
  • Allow Plenty Of Time - Plan your journey at least the night before the interview. If possible, have an alternate route in mind and take a map with you as wellJob Interview Tips 2
  • The Vital First Impression - Everyone knows the importance of first impressions, so make sure yours says the right thing about you. If you're in any doubt of the dress code, then men should turn up smart and well groomed with a suit and tie, while women should opt for a suit with minimal jewellery and make-up
  • Look Positive - During the interview it's important to maintain positive and professional body language, so think about your posture; sit up straight and look focused and interested in what the interviewer has to say. Start and close the interview with a firm, confident handshake, maintain eye contact throughout, keep an open body message (no folded arms, pen twiddling or hair fiddling!) and remember to smile. These small things really can make a big difference
  • Be Yourself - After reading the rest of our advice it may seem utterly impossible to still be yourself, but you should at least try to show some personality. There's nothing wrong with being nervous (if you're not at least slightly nervous during a big job interview, then you're a rarity), but the interviewer is likely to have seen several people within a short space of time so you should attempt to get your personality across. Anything you can do to make the interviewer remember you has to be a great thing - within reason, obviously!


Don't forget, an interview is a two way street: for them to find out about you and for you to find out about them!

Job Interview Tips 3Now take a look at the final part of our job interview guide.


The support and help that C&M have provided me throughout my working holiday has been outstanding. I have worked through agencies back home before and I have never experienced the level of service that you guys provide. It has made life a lot easier whilst being here and I will definitely be recommending you guys to anybody I know back home looking to come over and work in travel or hospitality.
Penny – temp candidate
This is to say thank you for your calls. Your professionalism and care for me as a client created not only a comfort but also [an understanding] that my needs would be attended to in whatever platform that may take. Regardless whether I do find employment through C&M, you have impressed me and illustrated quite clearly what true care is. I do understand this is your job but hats off.
Simon, Melbourne - candidate
I think these guys do a wonderful job and follow through to the end with phone calls, emails and text messages. I received a few text messages to wish me luck with interviews which was the icing on the cake and then follow up phone calls. This was a simple thing but made me feel important (not just like a number). I don't think I have ever come across a company like this before so you lot are one in a million!
Fran – candidate
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