Job Interview Tips 3: The Descent

Your passport to making a good impression on the day

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Job Interview Tips 3
The Descent

The Descent - How To Draw The Interview To A Close

Congratulation on answering all of those tough questions, but the job interview's not over yet - now it's your turn to ask a few queries of your own, so take a look at these examples. As well as that, there's a few other things to bear in mind:

  • If you're interested in the position, then say so. Inquire about the next steps in the interview processJob Interview Tips 3
  • If you're offered the job at the time of the interview, then feel free to accept immediately if you want the role. Alternatively, if you need time to consider, be courteous and set a definite time for when you will provide your answer
  • If you're not offered the job, then don't be discouraged. The interviewer may need to discuss it with their office first or there may be other applicants who have yet to be interviewed
  • If the interview's not going well, then don't let your disappointment show. You may have read the signs incorrectly or the interviewer may just be feigning disinterest to test your reaction

The Perfect Landing

Finally, finish the interview on a positive note and thank them for considering you for the position. Once you've left the office, call your consultant at C&M Travel Recruitment and give them your feedback and we'll then speak to the client and be able to advise you about the next steps. 


If you want the role, let the interviewer know. They may offer it to you on the spot!

CV Writing Tips Now take a look at our guide to CV writing.


I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help in finding me a fantastic new job!! I am still in shock at how quickly you were able to get me interviews and well, the rest is history, so again a big thank you for all your hard work. Regards.
Michelle - candidate
Just to say what a pleasure it has been dealing with you over the past 18 months. I was very lucky to be so well placed by you, and enjoyed both accounts that I worked on. I will highly recommend C&M to anyone that might ask.
Evanthia - candidate
This is just a quick e-mail to say thank you very much for everything you have done during my temping with C&M! You have been absolutely fantastic. Look after yourself and thank you again for everything.
Shereen – candidate, now back in South Africa
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