Top Tips For Temps

If you're about to embark on your first temp travel job (or even if you've already been temping for a little while) it's worth discovering a few hints about how to make your assignment a success.

Your CV

  • Try to tailor your CV to temporary work to ensure that your key skills stand out
  • With temp CVs it's more important to emphasise your skills rather than your previous jobs, but you should still explain each role and your reason for leaving
  • If you have had a number of assignments over a long period of time, check that any gaps are accounted for
  • For more general tips about how to improve your CV, take a look here

Your InterviewTop Tips For Temps - C&M Travel Recruitment

  • Research, research, research. Whether going for a job interview for a permanent or temporary role, it's always crucial to demonstrate that you know the company
  • Interviews for temporary roles can be as long as for permanent jobs, so don't presume you'll be in and out in five minutes
  • Temporary travel jobs can lead to permanent roles, so make it clear that you're committed to fulfilling this assignment but are also interested in any offers of permanent work
  • For more job interview tips, take a look here

Your Assignment

  • Your consultant will run through your assignment before you start, but they will be happy to answer any questions that you have 
  • Make sure you know your journey and parking arrangements and that you will be able to arrive on time
  • Find out who to report to
  • Ensure you are familiar with timesheets, the required paperwork and pay arrangements
  • Most of all, remember you are expected to honour your assignment for the agreed duration

Your Presentation And Behaviour

  • Check the dress code and ensure you're suitably dressed for work - whether formal or casual
  • Demonstrate professional conduct and be respectful of company rules at all times
  • Keep personal calls and emails to an absolute minimum
  • And, importantly, don't participate in office politics!

Your Pay

  • Now the important stuff! Only correctly completed and signed timesheets will be paid via direct transfer into your bank, so you must have a valid Australian bank account
  • Timesheets must reach the C&M payroll department by Monday at 10am
  • You get paid for every hour you work (excluding breaks and lunch)
  • Overtime payments are at the discretion of your manager
  • If you are expecting to work additional hours you must inform C&M in advance to confirm any overtime pay arrangements, otherwise a basic rate will be paid

Other Details

  • If you are unable to attend work due to illness or any other reason, you MUST inform C&M as early as possible
  • Failure to do this could seriously jeopardise your assignment
  • Finally, if you're unhappy with your role, please contact your consultant as soon as possible and discuss your options

 For more guidance about temporary travel jobs, see our frequently asked questions page.


It is always a pleasure dealing with C&M Travel Recruitment, and please rest assured my contacts in the travel industry will be directed your way, whenever anyone may require your skills and assistance. Again, thank you for all your efforts and assistance.
Helen, Perth - candidate
Thank you so, so much for the gorgeous box of lollies - that was too much. I am the one that should be sending you lollies. I love it here, such an amazing group of people and even better office. Thank you again, it means so much!
Karen, Melbourne - candidate
Keep up the good work but I am sure you get praised all the time. I would recommend your company to anyone I know that would be looking for a job and I think that your team are doing a wonderful job. Thanks a million for everything.
Fran - candidate
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