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Although going to the UK to work can be a daunting prospect, with bases in Sydney, London, Manchester and Surrey, C&M are ideally placed to advice you on how to make your trip a success.

The majority of our Temp Consultants have all been in your situation and are from Australia or New Zealand, so if you're confused or just need some advice, feel free to send them an email at and they'll be happy to help!

In the meantime, we've put together some guidance about how to work legally in a travel job in the UK, where to stay and how the banking system works.

Working Legally In The UKWorking in the UK - C&M Travel Recruitment

Unless you have a British or European Union passport you'll need a visa to work in the UK. C&M Travel Recruitment are not able to process your visa application, but we can help.

When you contact your local British Consulate you may be asked to provide proof that you're actively seeking work in the UK and we will be happy to provide you with a letter to confirm that you have registered with us and are on our database - simply send us your CV and a brief email outlining your proposed travel dates as well as any other plans that you may have.

For more information, take a look at one of these links: 

Bank Accounts

To work in the UK you'll need to have a bank account registered in the country. This can be a tricky and time-consuming process, so we recommended setting up a UK account while you're still based in Australia - believe us, it will save you a lot of time and effort when you arrive!

Once you've registered, we can help you by writing to your bank, as some require proof from your employer before they will process your application.

There are many banks currently operating in the UK, including:


Just like with your bank account, it's well worth looking for somewhere to stay in the UK before you leave Australia. The major cities have countless options to suite all budgets, but a lot of people travelling to the UK for a short period of time opt for flat/house shares, so explore websites such as these:

Keeping In Contact

Staying in contact when you're in the UK is easy. Obviously, you'll still have access to all the normal social media outlets, but it could also be worth getting a UK-registered pay as you go phone. Alternatively, you could consider enquiring while you're still in Australia about a contract deal that offers cheap international calls.

Finding A Job

Once you know that you're definitely coming to the UK and have your flights booked and an idea of where you're staying, it's time to get in touch with us! There's nothing quite like having peace of mind for when you arrive and a job to walk straight into, so email us at and find your next move. Oh, and be sure to include how we can contact you!


A big sincere thank you for all your help and for believing in me. I really do appreciate it. I can’t wait to start on Monday. If I hear of anyone looking for work I wouldn't hesitate to recommend C&M.
Martin, Brisbane - candidate
Hi Melissa. You have been the most helpful member of any recruitment agency I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I am looking forward to obtaining a position through you. Thanks again.
Scott - candidate
Hi Mel, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your advice, professional help and the excellent placements you provided. You understood exactly what I was after and managed to find it. Thanks.
Peter - candidate
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